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KTEC Group Labelling & Barcode Systems introduce the FX400e Foil Imprinter from Primera!

an LX400e colour label printer

It is a fact that shiny gold or silver highlights on your labels will get your products noticed. That's why hot-stamping has been popular for so many years. With the FX400e from Primera you can add eye-catching gold and silver foil effects to your product labels that have been printed on your Primera colour inkjet label printer!

A selection of products with colour labelsThe FX400e is an optional accessory to any of Primera's LX-series colour inkjet label printers. The process is 100% digital so you can print virtually any design: borders, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and more!

Clear film is also available for FX400e. This lets you produce laminated labels with a high degree of resistance to water, chemicals, cleaning solutions, UV light and other harsh environmental factors.

The FX400e printer package includes...


2 year warranty

KTEC Group offer an exclusive 2 year UK parts & labour warranty on all Primera LX and FX series label printers! Other distributors may only offer a basic 12 month warranty so choose KTEC Group for the best support and service available!


Primera printers for sale by companies outside the UK may look attractively priced on first inspection, however Primera do not offer any warranty within the UK on these products and you may not be able to obtain any technical support. Make certain that you buy from a Primera authorized dealer like KTEC Group to get a full 2 year warranty and dedicated technical support. You can now easily identify a European sourced FX400 by the "e" suffix to the model number FX400e.

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